Bungee Jumping In Bhote Koshi, Nepal

Bungee Jumping In Bhote Koshi: Calling all adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers! Are you ready for an experience that will leave you breathless and exhilarated? Then look no further than Bungee Jumping In Bhotekoshi, Nepal. 

This heart-pounding activity takes place in one of the most breathtaking locations imaginable, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas and overlooking the roaring Bhote Koshi River. Imagine plunging 160 meters towards the earth, surrounded by stunning natural beauty and the invigorating mountain air. 

With each bungee jump, you’ll conquer your fears, experience the ultimate rush of adrenaline, and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, are you ready to leap?

Bhotekoshi Bungee Location

Welcome to the edge of adventure – the Bhotekoshi Bungee Location, a thrill-seeker’s haven nestled in the heart of Nepal’s natural wonders. This adrenaline-packed paradise is perched on the edge of the Bhote Koshi River, offering a backdrop that’s as awe-inspiring as the leap itself.

Where is Bhotekoshi Bungee Located?

Strategically placed between the Nepalese mountains, the Bhotekoshi Bungee Location is a masterpiece of adrenaline engineering. Found just a few hours from Kathmandu, this gravity-defying haven is accessible, making it the perfect escapade for both local thrill-seekers and globetrotting adventurers.

The magnetic pull of the Bhotekoshi Bungee Location isn’t just about the jump; it’s about embracing the raw, untamed beauty that surrounds you. From the moment you arrive, the location becomes a stage for your exhilarating performance – a dive into the unknown with the rush of the Bhotekoshi River echoing in your ears. Get ready to leap into the extraordinary at the Bhote Koshi Bungee Location!

Most Popular Resorts In Bhotekoshi Bungee Location

Dive into excitement and luxury at the top-rated resorts near Bhotekoshi Bungee Location, where adventure meets relaxation in the heart of nature’s thrill zone!

The Last Resort:  

Nestled near the banks of the Bhotekoshi River, The Last Resort in Nepal is a haven for adrenaline junkies seeking the thrill of bungee jumping. Offering an unparalleled experience, The Last Resort is renowned for its stunning bungee jumping platform that overlooks the gorge. Prepare for an exhilarating leap as you take in breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape, making it a must-visit destination for bungee enthusiasts in search of an unforgettable adventure.

Bhote Koshi River Side Resort: 

The Bhote Koshi River Side Resort, nestled along the scenic Bhote Koshi River in Nepal, offers an exhilarating retreat for adventure seekers. This resort is renowned for its proximity to the famous Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping site, providing an adrenaline-packed experience against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. Perfectly situated for those seeking a thrilling bungee jumping adventure, the Bhote Koshi River Side Resort combines the beauty of nature with the excitement of extreme sports.

High Ground Adventures: 

High Ground Adventures is a premier destination for bungee jumping in Bhotekoshi, Nepal. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes, this resort offers an adrenaline-pumping experience with its towering bungee jump platform. Situated in the heart of the adventure hub, High Ground Adventures provides thrill-seekers with the perfect blend of scenic beauty and the excitement of leaping off the famous Bhotekoshi bridge. It’s a must-visit for those craving an unforgettable bungee jumping adventure in Nepal.

Sukute Beach Resort:  

Sukute Beach Resort, nestled along the banks of the Bhote Koshi River in Nepal, offers a tranquil escape with thrilling river adventures. The resort boasts comfortable accommodations, riverside views, and a serene ambiance. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in activities like white-water rafting and bungee jumping, making it an ideal destination for both relaxation and exhilarating experiences. Sukute Beach Resort seamlessly blends natural beauty with adventure, creating a memorable retreat for visitors seeking a perfect balance of tranquility and excitement.

Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort: 

Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort, nestled near the thrilling Bhote Koshi River, is the epitome of adventure in Nepal. Offering an unparalleled bungee jumping experience, this eco-friendly haven is a paradise for thrill-seekers. Leap from a platform perched on the gorge, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Borderlands combines adrenaline-pumping bungee jumps with sustainable practices, creating an unforgettable adventure while preserving the beauty of the Bhote Koshi region. For the ultimate bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi, Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort is your gateway to an adrenaline-charged escape. 

Bhotekoshi Bungee Package

Now that you’re itching to take the plunge, let’s talk about what’s included in the Bhotekoshi Bungee Package. This thoughtfully designed package encompasses everything you need for an unforgettable experience, from transportation and accommodation to the jump itself.

Package Highlights:

  • Roundtrip transportation from Kathmandu or Pokhara: Sit back and relax while someone else handles the driving.
  • One night’s accommodation at The Last Resort: Recharge after your jump in a comfortable and cozy setting.
  • The thrilling Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump: Feel the adrenaline surge as you freefall 160 meters towards the river.
  • Delicious meals: Fuel your adventure with a hearty breakfast and dinner.

Additional Options:

  • Rafting on the Bhote Koshi River: Take on the rapids for an extra dose of excitement.
  • Canyon Swing: Experience the exhilarating sensation of swinging through the gorge.
  • Tandem Bungee Jump: Share the adventure with a friend or loved one.

With the Bhotekoshi Bungee Package, you can focus on having a blast while we take care of the details. So grab your sense of adventure and book your package today!

How High Is The Bungee Jump At Bhotekoshi?

Prepare yourself for an incredible 160-meter plunge towards the Bhote Koshi River! That’s right, you’ll be leaping from a platform perched high above the swirling waters, enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as you freefall.

For a quick comparison, this is almost the same height as the Eiffel Tower (324 meters) and taller than the Statue of Liberty (93 meters). So, get ready for an adrenaline surge unlike any other!

This impressive height not only puts the Bhote Koshi Bungee Jump among the highest in Asia but also places it in the top 10 highest bungee jumps worldwide. Talk about bragging rights!

How Much Does It Cost To Bungee Jump In Bhote Kosi River?

Ready to take the plunge and experience the unparalleled thrill of Bungee Jumping in the Bhote Kosi River? The price tag might be on your mind, so let’s jump right into the costs involved.

Individual Jumps:

  • Nepali Citizens: NPR 6,300 (approximately $63)
  • Indian, Chinese, and SAARC Citizens: NPR 9,000 (approximately $90)
  • All other nationalities: USD 92

Group Discounts:

Gather your friends and leap together! Groups of 5 or more get a 10% discount, and groups of 10 or more enjoy a 15% discount.

Package Deals:

For an ultimate adventure package, you can combine your bungee jump with other activities like:

  • Bungee Jump + Rafting: NPR 7,000 (approximately $70)
  • Bungee Jump + Canyon Swing: NPR 8,000 (approximately $80)
  • Bungee Jump + Zipline: NPR 9,000 (approximately $90)

Additional Costs:

Remember that the price of the jump itself doesn’t cover everything. Additional expenses to consider include:

  • Transportation to the jump site (unless it’s included in a package)
  • Accommodation (if needed)
  • Food and drinks

Price Note:

Prices may vary slightly depending on the operator and package chosen. It’s always best to contact them directly for the latest information and to confirm availability.

Information For Bungee Jump In Bhotekoshi:

Before you take the plunge (literally!) at Bhotekoshi, let’s equip you with all the essential information you need to ensure a safe and exhilarating experience.

Jump Details:

  • Height: 160 meters – Prepare for a heart-stopping free fall!
  • Location: The Last Resort, Nayapul (Panglang), Sindhupalchowk
  • Price: NPR 5500 for the first jump (valid for 1 month) and NPR 2950 for a second jump on the same day
  • Duration: Approximately 10 minutes, including the jump and the thrilling rebound

What to Wear and Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes with laces
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Camera (optional, but highly recommended!)

Getting There:

  • From Kathmandu: 3 hours by car, buses, and vans available
  • From Pokhara: 1.5 – 2 hours by car, buses are also an option

Safety and Precautions:

Rest assured, Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump takes safety seriously. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Trained and experienced jump masters
  • Swiss-designed suspension bridge with a 250kg per running meter load factor
  • Regular safety checks and maintenance
  • All necessary equipment provided and inspected before each jump

Additional Tips:

  • Book your jump in advance, especially during peak season.
  • Arrive early to complete the registration process and prepare for the jump.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions provided by the jump masters.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the rush of adrenaline!

With these essential details and tips in hand, you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi. Remember, safety is paramount, so trust the professionals and embrace the exhilarating adventure that awaits!

How Much Is The Length Of Last Resort Bungy?

The Last Resort Bungee in Nepal is not just any bungee jump – it’s a heart-stopping experience that will leave you feeling exhilarated and alive. But before you leap, you might be curious: how long is this jump, anyway?

A Drop into the Depths:

The Last Resort Bungee boasts a staggering length of 160 meters, making it one of the highest bungee jumps in the world. That’s right, you’ll be plummeting an impressive 525 feet toward the raging Bhote Kosi River below. Imagine the rush of adrenaline as you freefall through the air, taking in the breathtaking Himalayan scenery all around you.

Prepare for the Freefall:

The jump itself takes a mere 3.5 seconds, but those few seconds will feel like an eternity as your heart races and your senses go into overdrive. The best part? You’ll experience a remarkable feeling of weightlessness and freedom as you soar through the air.

Is Bungee Jumping Free Fall?

The question, “Is bungee jumping free fall?” sparks curiosity in many thrill-seekers. The answer, as you might expect, isn’t a simple yes or no. Bungee jumping involves a combination of freefall and controlled descent, making it a unique and exhilarating experience.

The Initial Plunge:

When you leap, the initial seconds are pure, unadulterated freefall. The wind whips through your hair, the ground rushes towards you, and your stomach drops with a mix of excitement and fear. This freefall phase typically lasts for 2-4 seconds, depending on the bungee jump site and the length of the cord.

Controlled Descent and the Rebound:

The freefall doesn’t last forever, though. Soon, the tension in the bungee cord kicks in, pulling you back upwards with a powerful force. This is the controlled descent phase, where you experience a g-force similar to a roller coaster ride. As you ascend, the cord stretches and recoils, creating a series of exhilarating bounces that add to the overall thrill.

So, is it freefall?

Technically, the initial part of a bungee jump is freefall. However, the majority of the experience involves controlled descent and rebound. This combination of freefall and controlled descent is what makes bungee jumping such a unique and thrilling activity. It offers the exhilarating rush of freefall without the danger of actually hitting the ground.

Has Anyone Been Injured Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping might look like a chaotic freefall, but it’s a surprisingly safe activity when done with reputable operators who follow strict safety protocols. However, despite the precautions, accidents can still happen, and injuries are not unheard of.

The Good News:

Fortunately, serious injuries are extremely rare in bungee jumping, with the fatality rate estimated at 1 in 500,000 jumps. Most incidents involve minor bumps, bruises, and sprains, often related to the initial jump or the sudden stop at the end.

Potential Risks:

Here are some potential areas of concern:

  • Neck injuries: The sudden change in direction during the jump can put stress on the neck, especially if you land wrong.
  • Rope failure: Although uncommon, rope snaps have occurred, potentially leading to serious injuries.
  • Harness malfunction: Improperly secured harnesses can cause injuries during the fall or rebound.
  • Environmental factors: Falling into water or hitting obstacles can lead to additional injuries.

Staying Safe:

To minimize the risk of injury, choose reputable operators with a proven safety record and follow their instructions carefully. Always disclose any pre-existing medical conditions and ask about their safety protocols. Additionally, prepare yourself physically and mentally for the jump to enhance your experience and minimize potential risks.


Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi isn’t just an activity; it’s an invitation to embrace the extraordinary. Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Nepal, the heart-pounding adventure at Bhotekoshi offers a unique blend of thrill and natural beauty. 

As you take that leap from jaw-dropping heights, you’re not just defying gravity – you’re creating a memory that will linger long after the adrenaline rush fades. So, whether you’re a seasoned daredevil or a first-time thrill-seeker.

Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi beckons, promising an unforgettable experience in a breathtaking setting. It’s not just a jump; it’s a plunge into the extraordinary, leaving you with tales of courage, exhilaration, and the unmatched beauty of Bhotekoshi. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bungee Jumping In Bhote Koshi

What’s the big deal about Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi?

Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi is an adrenaline-packed plunge, letting you free-fall amidst Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes. Ready to soar?

Is Bhotekoshi Bungee Jumping only for daredevils?

Not at all! While it’s an adventure, Bhotekoshi Bungee welcomes thrill-seekers of all levels. It’s about conquering fears with a grin!

How safe is Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi?

Safety first! Bhotekoshi Bungee strictly adheres to international safety standards, ensuring your jump is as secure as it is exhilarating.

Can I capture my Bhotekoshi Bungee experience?

Absolutely! GoPro-friendly, this experience is a photographer’s dream. Relive the thrill and share those jaw-dropping moments with friends and family.

Any tips for first-timers at Bhotekoshi Bungee Jumping?

For rookies, relax and enjoy the view before the leap. Trust your instructors, savor the moment, and let gravity do its thing!

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