Best Places for Trekking in Pune

Welcome to the world of trekking in Pune! Pune, a vibrant city in India, is not just known for its rich history and culture but also for its picturesque landscapes that offer incredible trekking opportunities. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or someone looking to connect with nature, Pune has something special for everyone.

In this guide, we’ll explore the beauty of trekking in Pune, highlighting some of the most popular trekking spots, sharing essential tips for a safe and enjoyable trek, and providing insights into accommodation options and local facilities. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a novice, Pune’s trekking trails have a lot to offer, promising breathtaking views, historical insights, and a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region.

So, let’s embark on a journey through the hills and forts of Pune, discovering the joy of trekking and creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Best Places for Trekking in Pune

Discover Pune’s best trekking spots! From the historic Sinhagad Fort to the scenic Rajmachi, explore nature’s wonders on these thrilling trails.

Matheran Trekking

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, Matheran offers a delightful trekking experience, just a few hours away from Mumbai and Pune. Known for its lush greenery, scenic viewpoints, and serene atmosphere, Matheran is a vehicle-free hill station, preserving its pristine environment. The trek to Matheran is relatively easy, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned trekkers. The trail passes through dense forests, charming waterfalls, and panoramic viewpoints like One Tree Hill and Panorama Point. Once atop, breathtaking vistas of the surrounding hills and valleys await, providing a perfect retreat for nature lovers. Matheran trekking promises a rejuvenating escape into nature’s lap, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Vasota Fort Trek

The Vasota Fort trek is a captivating adventure nestled in the Sahyadri Range of Maharashtra, India. Located near the serene Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, the trek offers a perfect blend of nature, history, and panoramic vistas. Accessible from the picturesque town of Bamnoli, the trek to Vasota involves a boat ride across the scenic Shivsagar Lake, adding an extra layer of excitement.

The trail meanders through dense forests, revealing diverse flora and fauna. Trekkers encounter the historic Nageshwar Temple and the Babu Kada rock face along the way, adding cultural and geological interest to the journey. Upon reaching the fort, breathtaking views of the Koyna backwaters and the surrounding landscape unfold.

Vasota Fort stands as a testament to Maratha history, with remnants of the past enhancing the trekking experience. The trek to Vasota Fort is a thrilling escapade, offering a perfect blend of history and nature in the heart of Maharashtra’s Western Ghats.

Lohagad Trek

The Lohagad Trek is a popular excursion in the Sahyadri range, near Pune, Maharashtra. Renowned for its historic significance and natural beauty, Lohagad Fort stands at an elevation of 3,389 feet. The trek provides an ideal mix of adventure and heritage.

The journey commences from the village of Lohadwadi, passing through lush green landscapes and winding trails. Trekkers encounter ancient fortifications, including the Vinchu Kata (Scorpion’s tail), a challenging rock climb. The trek offers panoramic views of the Pawna Dam and the surrounding valleys.

At the summit, the well-preserved fort showcases architectural marvels like the Ganesh Darwaja and the Laxmi Kothi. Lohagad’s strategic location provides insights into its historical importance, as it served as a formidable fortification under various rulers.

The Lohagad Trek is a favorite among adventure enthusiasts and history buffs alike, offering an immersive experience in nature and the echoes of Maharashtra’s glorious past.

Raigad Fort Trek

The Raigad Fort Trek is a captivating journey through history and nature, located in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra, India. Nestled atop a hill, Raigad Fort served as the capital of the Maratha Empire under Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Commencing from the village of Pachad, the trek presents a thrilling ascent, with well-laid stone steps leading to the fort. Trekkers traverse dense forests, encountering remnants of the fort’s glory, such as the Maha Darwaja, the grand entrance.

The trail is adorned with historical landmarks, including the Jagdishwar Temple and the Takmak Tok, a cliff used for punishments. The breathtaking views from the fort encompass the surrounding valleys and the majestic Sahyadris.

Raigad Fort stands as a symbol of Maratha valor and administration. The trek offers a blend of adventure and cultural exploration, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking a profound experience in the heart of Maharashtra.

Kalsubai Peak Trek

The Kalsubai Peak Trek is a thrilling adventure set in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. Standing tall at 5,400 feet, Kalsubai is the highest peak in the state, offering a challenging yet rewarding trekking experience.

Commencing from the base village of Bari, the trek involves navigating through diverse landscapes, including dense forests, rocky patches, and steep ascents. Trekkers encounter the Hanuman Temple, a sacred spot along the way, adding a cultural touch to the journey.

The panoramic views from the summit are unparalleled, showcasing the Sahyadri mountain range, Bhandardara Dam, and surrounding peaks. The trek to Kalsubai is particularly popular for its mesmerizing sunrise and sunset vistas.

Known for its rugged terrain and serene surroundings, the Kalsubai Peak Trek is a favorite among adventure enthusiasts and nature seekers, providing a memorable experience at the pinnacle of Maharashtra’s highest point.

Korigad Fort Trek

The Korigad Fort Trek is a captivating journey into history and nature situated near Lonavala in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. At an elevation of about 923 meters, Korigad Fort offers a relatively easy yet scenic trekking experience.

Starting from the village of Peth Shahpur, the trek leads through lush greenery and gradually ascends to the fort. Trekkers encounter stone-cut steps, remnants of ancient fortifications, and the iconic Koraidevi Temple dedicated to the fort’s patron goddess.

At the summit, panoramic views of the surrounding Sahyadri mountains, valleys, and lakes unfold, making the trek immensely rewarding. The fort itself showcases architectural marvels like the large entrance gate, ramparts, and storage rooms, providing a glimpse into its historical significance.

The Korigad Fort Trek is an ideal option for both beginners and seasoned trekkers, offering a perfect blend of nature, history, and breathtaking vistas in the serene landscapes of the Western Ghats.

Sinhagad Fort Trek

The Sinhagad Fort Trek is a popular and historic excursion located near Pune, Maharashtra, India. Nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains, Sinhagad, meaning the “Lion’s Fort,” stands as a testament to the region’s rich history and offers a captivating trekking experience.

Starting from the base village of Atarwadi or Kondhanpur, the trek presents a moderate climb with well-marked trails. Trekkers pass through scenic landscapes, lush greenery, and ancient stone-cut steps, making their way to the fort perched at an altitude of approximately 1,312 meters.

Sinhagad Fort holds historical significance, having witnessed numerous battles. The trek unveils notable structures such as the Kalyan Darwaza, Tanaji Malusare’s memorial, and the Sinhagad Fort itself, showcasing panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, including the Khadakwasla Dam.

The Sinhagad Fort Trek is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, offering a perfect blend of adventure, history, and breathtaking views, making it an enriching experience for trekking enthusiasts and history buffs.

Andharban Trek Pune

The Andharban Trek is an exhilarating journey through the dense and dark jungles of the Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, India. The name “Andharban” translates to the ‘dark forest,’ and this trek lives up to its name, immersing trekkers in a thrilling experience of trekking through a thick canopy of trees.

Starting from the village of Pimpri, the trail descends through a picturesque route, passing through vibrant flora, water streams, and bamboo forests. The trek offers a unique perspective as trekkers traverse through the shadowy woods, creating an almost mystical atmosphere.

En route, trekkers may encounter diverse wildlife and birds. The trail eventually leads to the Bhira Dam, providing a scenic conclusion to the trek. The Andharban Trek is renowned for its natural beauty, serene surroundings, and the sense of mystery created by the dense forest, making it a must-try for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

The Rajmachi Fort Trek is a captivating adventure in the Sahyadri Mountains, located near Lonavala in Maharashtra, India. Renowned for its historical significance and scenic beauty, the trek to Rajmachi Fort offers a perfect blend of nature and heritage.

Commencing from the base villages of Udhewadi or Kondhane, the trek winds through lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. Trekkers traverse through meadows, dense forests, and quaint hamlets, providing a delightful journey to the fort.

Rajmachi Fort comprises two forts – Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, each offering panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and hills. The trek also features iconic landmarks like the Udaysagar Lake and the ancient Bhairavnath Temple.

Popular for its camping opportunities, the Rajmachi Fort Trek is a favorite among adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking a glimpse into Maharashtra’s rich history amidst the serene beauty of the Western Ghats.

Night Trekking in Pune

Night trekking in Pune adds a thrilling dimension to the adventure, allowing trekkers to experience the beauty of the trails under the enchanting moonlight. Here’s a detailed exploration of night trekking in Pune:

Popular Night Trekking Spots:

Sinhagad Fort: The trail is illuminated by the moonlight, offering a unique perspective of the fort’s historical structures.
Kalsubai Peak: Night trekking to Maharashtra’s highest peak provides a spectacular view of the starlit sky and the surrounding hills.
Rajmachi Fort: The trail to Rajmachi takes on a magical quality at night, with the fort and its surroundings bathed in moonlight.

Preparation and Safety:

Adequate Lighting: Trekkers should carry reliable headlamps or flashlights to navigate the trails safely.
Warm Clothing: Evenings can get chilly, so it’s essential to bring layers to stay comfortable during the trek.
Experienced Guides: Engaging a local trekking guide familiar with the trails adds an extra layer of safety.

Unique Nighttime Flora and Fauna:

Nocturnal Wildlife: Night treks offer the chance to spot nocturnal animals like owls, insects, and other creatures that come to life after dark.
Star Gazing: Pune’s proximity to the Sahyadri range provides an excellent opportunity for stargazing during night treks.

Regulations and Permissions:

Some trekking spots may have specific regulations regarding night trekking, and it’s crucial to check and obtain any necessary permissions.

Group Dynamics and Night Trekking Events:

Participating in organized night trekking events or joining local trekking groups enhances the overall experience and ensures a sense of community and safety.

Camping Opportunities:

Many night treks offer the chance to camp at the summit, providing trekkers with a unique overnight experience in the lap of nature.

Environmental Considerations:

Emphasizing “Leave No Trace” principles becomes even more critical during night treks to preserve the natural beauty of the trails.

Night trekking in Pune offers a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience, blending the excitement of adventure with the tranquility of nature under the stars. Whether it’s the historical forts or the lofty peaks, these night treks reveal a different charm, making them a favorite among adventure enthusiasts in Pune.


Pune offers a diverse range of trekking experiences, from historical forts to scenic peaks. The post-monsoon months provide an ideal trekking window, with trails like Sinhagad, Rajmachi, and Kalsubai beckoning adventure enthusiasts. Night treks add a mystical touch, while beginner-friendly options ensure accessibility for all. Pune’s trekking community thrives, offering a perfect blend of nature, history, and camaraderie. Whether you seek panoramic vistas, cultural exploration, or a thrilling challenge, Pune’s trekking landscape has something to offer for every avid trekker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking in Pune

What is the best trekking place in Pune?

One of the best trekking places near Pune is Sinhagad Fort. Sinhagad offers a perfect blend of history and scenic beauty. The trek is relatively easy, making it suitable for beginners, and the panoramic views from the fort are breathtaking.

Are there any weekly trekking clubs in Pune?

Several trekking clubs in Pune organize regular treks. It’s advisable to check online platforms like Meetup, Facebook groups, or local adventure websites for up-to-date information on weekly trekking events and clubs in Pune.

Which is the steep fort near Pune?

Lohagad Fort is known for its steep climb and is located near Pune. The fort is historically significant and offers a challenging yet rewarding trekking experience. The steep sections and the historical ruins make it a favorite among trekking enthusiasts.

Which half day treks near Pune?

Rajmachi Fort: The trek to Rajmachi can be done in a half day. The fort is known for its twin peaks – Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, and the trail offers beautiful views of the Sahyadri mountains.

Visapur Fort: Situated near Lonavala, Visapur Fort is a half-day trek with a moderate difficulty level. Trekkers can explore the fort’s ruins and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Tikona Fort: Located near Kamshet, Tikona Fort is known for its triangular shape. The trek to Tikona is relatively easy and can be completed in a half day, offering scenic views of Pawna Lake.

What are the best months for trekking in Pune?

The best months for trekking in Pune are typically during the post-monsoon season, from October to February. The weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are lush green after the rains.

Are there any beginner-friendly treks near Pune?

Yes, several beginner-friendly treks are near Pune, including Sinhagad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, and Tikona Fort. These treks offer a moderate level of difficulty and are suitable for those new to trekking.

How can I find trekking groups or clubs in Pune?

You can find trekking groups or clubs in Pune through online platforms like Meetup, Facebook, or adventure websites. Local outdoor stores may also have information about organized trekking groups.

Are there night treks organized in Pune?

Yes, night treks are organized in Pune to various forts like Sinhagad and Rajmachi. These treks provide a unique experience of trekking under the moonlight.

Which is the highest peak near Pune?

Kalsubai is the highest peak near Pune, standing at an elevation of 5,400 feet. The trek to Kalsubai offers panoramic views and is a popular choice for trekking enthusiasts.

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